Same sex marriage

He doesn't seem interested in overturning same-sex marriage but does want abortion rights to go back to the states.
The weather cooperated!
Senator-elect Cory Booker got choked up while performing marriages.
Yesterday, though, the court said that Christie's anti-marriage equality arguments were not convincing, and the marriages must go on, appeal or no appeal.
Thanks, Supreme Court!
It was a joyous time everyone to reflect upon all fighting they had done for themselves and their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, office colleagues and fellow human beings.
Asked what she thought her late wife would have said had she been there, Windsor replied, "She would have said, 'You did it, honey!'"
This means she's ready for 2016, right?
Of course, it's totally ironic since Boehner hates gay marriage.
"when we r both well enough/ will have the wedding of r dreams"
Chick-fil-A's been having a rough time in the PR department these days, but it looks like the noted anti-gay marriage fast food chain has at least one outspoken fan.
Aww, remember Kameron Slade, the adorable 5th grader who wasn't allowed to give a speech on gay marriage at his school until the media got behind him?
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