Sam sifton

Sam Sifton is done, but that doesn't mean the paper of record needs to give up its stranglehold on fine dining criticism in the city.
The Times food critic Sam Sifton offers his final review, calling Thomas Keller's pricey Per Se 'the best restaurant in New York."
Debunking the myth that getting paid to eat is the best job ever.
After a short stint as the New York Times dining critic, Sam Sifton is stepping down. Which means it is time to play food critic article mad libs!
Sam Sifton finds a solid, if unadventurous Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Confirming rumors that the new New York Times restaurant critic—and Frank
Do you ever walk through the streets of New York and marvel
1. About you: Where do you live, what do you consider your
Gothamist, fond of Amanda Hesser ever since we saw cook from her
While Junior's did not make the final cut in the Times cheesecake
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