Sam horine

A look at the south side of Ellis Island, recently covered in old photos by artist JR.
So far, the neighborhood has mostly resisted the invasion of soul-crushing corporate eateries in favor of mom-and-pop shops that keep the area's distinct character alive.
We tested out a Manhattan By Sail sail last night and it was pretty spectacular.
If you go on the unfinished section of the High Line, wear boots.
Have you ever been inside the power station, rafters, clock tower of Grand Central Terminal?
Acclaimed chef April Bloomfield has opened a specialty taco shop on the ground floor of the Pod 39 Hotel.
The Iron Chef puts his Japanese spin on everything from nachos to corn dogs to macaroni and cheese.
Photos and stories from devastated Zone A neighborhoods, from photographer Sam Horine.
The new East Village restaurant from the Dell'Anima/L'Artusi team also features a menu of homey Italian dishes and a large wine list.
If there is one thing Brooklyn can always use, it is a new pizza joint with a wood-burning pizza oven.
This morning we got a sneak peek at the sort-of controversial "Discovering Columbus" installation, and now we have apartment envy.
New York City's high-end burger bubble is showing no sign of popping. And for every classic burger joint that closes a fancier version seems to pop up in its place: Say hi to LT Burger!
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