And some places to avoid Yuletide shenanigans altogether.
Lame duck Times critic Sam Sifton really likes Williamsburg meatsteraunt St. Anselm. Meanwhile Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton really does not like Gilt.
Critics keep on digging Hospoda, the Czech restaurant beneath the Consulate General of the Czech Republic which serves a bevy of Bohemian food and just one beer: Pilsner Urquell.
This week the Times dug Boulud Sud, TONY tippled at Salinas and The New Yorker worried about the "freegan potluck" at The Castello Plan.
We take a look at new Chelsea Spanish restaurant Salinas, featuring a nifty retractable roof, tapas, and homestyle Spanish favorites.
A 22-month-old Queens girl, Kimberly Salinas, may have lost her pinky finger
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