Sales tax

That's 8.875%!
DivaCups and pads will also be exempt from sales tax.
"If men menstruated once a month, there is no way there would be a sales tax on these products."
NY pols call the tax "a regressive tax on women and their bodies that harkens back to a time when the laws were written by men for women."
Stores in New York and New Jersey erroneously charged customers for sales tax on tax exempt items.
NY makes charge you sales tax.
Long Island residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties can never taste the joy of having "Classic Digi Camo" polyurethane on their feet, tax-free
Shop till you drop, if you want!
This Sunday, the sales tax exemption comes back.
Last fall, the state tax exemption for clothing and footwear under
Thanks to our craptastic state revenue situation, the NY State sales
Throwing a wrench in Governor Paterson's plan to collect cigarette taxes
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