The mayor's salary could also go from $225,000 to $258,750.
The MTA's payroll itself swelled by $71 million, or 1.4 percent, despite the fact that the MTA shed 852 employees last year.
Before you ready your tiny violins for a class of people that make over $100K a year, consider that the exodus of judges just means MORE LAWYERS.
A pension and a salary combine for $540K. Forget the MTA: public education, now that's where the money is!
from Daniella Zalcman's flickr As MTA megaprojects including the Second Avenue
NY1 has an exclusive report on "three dozen aides of state
The NY Times treats us to a trend piece, sounding off the
Seattle's police department is capitalizing on the NYPD's current budget and
Not only is the NYPD having trouble getting potential recruits to sit
Mayor Bloomberg's generosity has been noted from educational institutions (like his
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