Sakura matsuri

Construction forced the cancellation of big cosplay fashion show, but there were still plenty of wonderfully creative outfits to admire on the grounds.
The trees may not have cooperated with the annual festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but the cosplayers definitely came through.
A huge crowd cheer dozens of cosplays amid the cherry blossom trees.
There's another day of activities and cherry tree-worshipping today.
It's still two weeks till Sakura Matsuri, though.
It's countdown to Sakura Matsuri time!
This weekend marked the annual Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Sakura Matsuri festival.
Everyone was 'just playing dress up and having a blast, feeling badass and beautiful, celebrating the superhero versions of themselves.'
The crowd-pleasing Sakura Matsuri is once again taking over the entire Brooklyn Botanic Garden this weekend, with performances, music, food, games, and packs of cosplay kids.
This past weekend the Brooklyn Botanical Garden celebrated Japanese culture with a myriad of performances and events in their annual Sakura Matsuri festival.
The BBG's cherry blossoms yesterday; photo via bobbyballz's flickr The Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Botanical Garden might have overshot the scheduling for their annual
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