Safe streets

But most city councilmembers weren't around to hear the revelation.
The master plan for city streets requires 250 miles of protected bike lanes and 150 miles of dedicated bus lanes be built over a five-year period.
While the talk show host expressed sympathy for victims' families, she continued to complain about protected bike lanes.
The driver was attempting to park his car when he suddenly backed up onto a sidewalk.
A woman in her 50s was fatally struck by a driver while attempting to cross a notoriously deadly intersection in Woodhaven, Queens on Thursday morning.
Families who lost loved ones to reckless drivers are calling on Golden and other senate republicans to return to Albany and pass speed camera legislation.
"NYPD has been known to set up ticket stings here."
A suspect is in custody in the 90th precinct, according to the NYPD.
But the NYPD still fails to charge most drivers involved in fatal and injury-causing hit-and-runs.
Advocates have called this stretch on Amsterdam one of the most dangerous in the city.
A speeding driver who went the wrong way down a street, killing a 9-year-old may not spend a single day in jail.
Liao's devastated parents have written a powerful essay demanding that mayor-elect Bill de Blasio take immediate action to make New York's streets safer.
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