Safe sex

Before, students had to request to get the condom demo in a 'health resource room.'
"It looks like whoever left that condom on the F train is a trendsetter."
An MTA spokesman says, "This has been brought to the highest levels of the subway system, and our cleaning crews will be on the lookout for it whenever they clean cars."
Forget about the Q-Tips, what about the condoms?
"We're tired of not being safe."
Oh, isn't that adorable: Some Lothario-on-the-go concluded his recent subway copulation by carefully tying his used prophylactic to an F train pole/hand rest.
If advertisers already know how many times we play Ke$ha and search for "weird back mole" on our phones, we might as well turn over the approximate locations where we embarrass ourselves sexually.
Oh, teenage girls, we knew you were crazy, but this is just dumb.
A frank safe-sex PSA features a teen talking candidly about "raw-dogging," and this is making a politician uncomfortable. Check it out:
Don't tell Michele Bachmann, but science confirms that the HPV vaccine will not undermine the morality of America's youth.
Non-shocking news to keep in mind as the office holiday party season kicks off.
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