Saddam hussein

The Iraqi intelligence Service would imprison and torture local Iraqis whose family members still living in Iraq had angered the government.
Former President George W. Bush told the Economic Club of Grand
A federal judge is allowing a NYC bus driver to sue the
News that a man had mugged 85-year-old and 101-year-old women in vicious
Taking a break from Anna Nicole Smith coverage, Larry King interviewed former
A few days after Saddam Hussein was hanged, he became the
Early this morning in Baghdad, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator whose
After a nine month long trial, the Iraqi High Tribunal sentenced
After a day of the world could not afford to take. The
THE INTERVIEW Give a description of yourself...include age. avocation. day job.
In the land of media moguls, stars, and hangers on, most seem
Nothing says Tuesday night like the launch party for a book
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