Ryo oyamada

The family of Ryo Oyamada decried an apparent "lack of political will" to hold the NYPD accountable for killing him.
A DMV judge ruled that Ryo Oyamada's death was "unavoidable."
"The next thing I know there's somebody in front of my car, I tried to swerve out of the way, and I struck the pedestrian."
"Very slowly, and gradually, we will work until the truth comes out."
"This hearing could be opportunity for the family to put forth evidence it has independently obtained, showing the police officer was at fault and in fact reckless in killing Ryo Oyamada."
It has been nearly two years since Ryo Oyamada was killed by a cop.
"A year is, frankly, too long for a dangerous, reckless driver to be on the street. Two years is unacceptable."
Newly released video appears to contradict the NYPD's insistence that an officer had his flashing lights engaged before fatally striking a pedestrian in Queens last year.
The NYPD purposefully destroyed evidence, failed to properly investigate the crash, and engaged in a "cover-up," according to a set of recently filed court documents.
The family's attorney has viewed security camera footage that he says contradicts the NYPD's statements to the press.
New evidence initially withheld by the City may show that the NYPD intentionally botched the investigation into Oyamada's death, and that the officer operating the cruiser was allowed to drive despite a poor driving record.
The Oyamada family is still prohibited from viewing the materials of the investigation, including public documents and video footage that the NYPD claims will exculpate their officers.
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