Ryan seacrest

This is simply too much energy for one morning show. Please reconsider.
If you're going to be stuck in an elevator, it's probably helpful to have over 18 million followers on Twitter and Instagram
The rapper cursed and fiddled with his phone, to Ryan Seacrest's horror.
Ryan Seacrest may be waking you up in the mornings.
Avoid Times Square at all costs this New Year's Eve.
Happy New Year, everyone! We'll have some more coverage of New Year's
Photograph of Queens native Amy Ryan, nominated for best supporting actress
Things got a little ugly since the Golden Globes fell victim to
When it came to New Year's Eve countdown broadcasts, we were
New Year's Eve wasn't all confetti, LED-lit crystal balls and...diapers; despite the
A sparkling new 700-pound ball, tons of confetti, and over a
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