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Well, when you're being manhandled by Kate McKinnon, you have no choice but you laugh.

Ryan Gosling had a serious case of the giggles during his first time hosting SNL, and there were plenty of weird sketches on UFO abductions, Canadian accents, Santa fetishists, and 'The Wiz.'

"All I ever want to do is wail on my pecs," Bryant declares, a little bit before Gosling hocks a loogie on an unsuspecting baby.

This Sunday is ALL ABOUT Ryan Gosling. And no one else. Only Him.

MC Hammer pants, C+C Music Factory, Ryan Gosling... this video has it all.

A girl has been posting fliers around town in search of a Ryan Gosling look-a-like, and we found one for her!

Do you look like Ryan Gosling? This Brooklyn gal wants you to be her boyfriend.

Is this a bogus bid for publicity by a sad PR firm or a way for the actor to save crazed fans who jump into traffic looking for his eggs?