Ruth bader ginsburg

The statue of RBG, the first of two coming to NYC, will be unveiled in Downtown Brooklyn on Friday.
"Because she was a Brooklyn native, it's going to have the Brooklyn Bridge in the background," street artist Elle told us.
"Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg" is on view from October 2021 through January 23rd, 2022.
"...No matter who Trump's nominee is, his treacherous rush denies Americans their say."
The original proposal was made in 2018, and has been awaiting the mayor's sign off.
From the subway artist who brought you Aretha Franklin St and David Bowery, an RBG tribute.
Hundreds of people flocked to Washington Square Park and Foley Square to honor the late Supreme Court justice and pioneering force for gender equality.
"...The question of how her seat will be filled, is perhaps the most consequential question about the Supreme Court and its members to have arisen in my lifetime."
"As Brooklyners, she is a part of us, and the diversity in Brooklyn is what brought her the perspective she brought to the court those roots are around us."
A commission will select an artist and location.
The Supreme Court said the Brooklyn native died from complications of metastatic pancreas cancer.
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