They hope these new tests will be able to identify variants in a broader swath of patients, which could improve public health surveillance and help make better treatment decisions.
Even though the university undertook an effort to understand its history, it hasn't continued to consistently share the learnings with students.
But Hindu students say they are the victims — of “Hinduphobia.”
Last year, there were nearly 16,000 students living on campus at Rutgers University. This year, there are 970.
The tenured history professor at Rutgers University has been found guilty of violating the school's policy on harassment and discrimination.
A white professor at Rutgers University is under investigation by the school after writing in a Facebook post that he 'hates white people.'
A Rutgers professor who lives in Brooklyn was taken for a psychiatric evaluation by NYPD officers after he made political comments in class and on Twitter about conservatives, Trump, and gun control.
Ravi's previous conviction had been overturned by an appellate court.
Jon Bon Jovi brought his C- game to his Rutgers University commencement speech in Camden.
Officials now say that Patel and his hiking friends attracted the attention of the 300-pound black bear when they stopped to take several photos of it.
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