Russell simmons

The call to protest yesterday was issued by an interfaith coalition, as well as former Trump buddy and hip hop impresario Russell Simmons.
His finalized budget calls for hiring 1,300, 300 more than were requested.
"I certainly appreciate and accept that apology," de Blasio said.
"I don't feel its possible that the killer of Eric Garner will not go to court. I don't feel it's possible that things will continue as business as usual."
The Def Jam co-found and entrepreneur has partnered with The Quality Access grocery project, which seeks to provide quality foods options to underserved neighborhoods.
A few words on Russell Simmons, hypocrisy, and Occupy Wall Street.
"We didn't pull the t-shirts," Jay-Z said via email. If so, where are they?
Now where will we pay $22 for something a screenprinter could make us for free in Zuccotti Park? RIP Occupy All Streets: 2011-2011
Occupy Wall Street protesters call Jay-Z a "bloodsucker" for profiting off the "Occupy All Streets" slogan.
It's only a matter of time until Jay-Z, Russell Brand, and (hell, why not) Mickey Rourke, get their assistants to call their driver and tell them to drive really slow by Zuccotti Park, in solidarity.
Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to visit Zuccotti Park.
"Kanye has been a big supporter spiritually of this movement, and he's just here to stand with the people," Simmons says, hilariously suggesting that Kanye West still has a soul.
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