Russell crowe

Russell Crowe wasn't on screen very much, but there were some very good political sketches, Bruce Chandling, head explosions, Al Sharpton, and Mike O'Brien as Oprah.
Topher Grace, Eric McCormack, Seann William Scott, Sting, Jeremy Piven, and freakin' Gerard Butler have all hosted more episodes of SNL than Russell Crowe.
Crowe, Louis-Dreyfus, Peter Drunklage, Nick Jonas, and Margo Price are just some of the people you'll see popping up on SNL this month.
Mr. Movie Star wants his bottle and his kids' hoverboards!
Must have been some method acting for his role in "Noah."
RZA has been hard at work at his directorial debut, "The Man With The Iron Fists." Below, watch the first trailer for the over-the-top kung fu flick, featuring Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe, and RZA himself.
The new movie musical will star Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway
Look through the gallery above at some famous perp walks, including Lindsay Lohan, Kenneth Lay and Johnny Depp. Do you think that perp walks are unfair for defendants, or just the right amount of Schadenfreude?
Artist and David Byrne collaborator Danielle Spencer (not to be confused
Two movies set in New York are coming out today, and both
I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (directed by Jeff Garlin) While
The French Connection (directed by William Friedkin) Film Forum through September 6th
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