Russel timoshenko

We learn more about the early life of Scooby, the heroic NYPD bloodhound who died last week
A look at a bloodhound (Just Dog Training) The NYPD bloodhound
After his previous trial ended in a mistrial, today a jury
Yesterday, a judge sentenced Robert Ellis, who was acquitted last month
Yesterday, juries in two separate cop killing cases came back with news
The third trial for the men accused of killing police officer Russel
Yesterday, jurors found Dexter Bostic guilty of murder in the fatal shooting
The jury deliberating the fate of Dexter Bostic, accused of shooting a
Mayor Bloomberg couldn't help but comment on the acquittal of Robert Ellis,
A jury acquitted a man of aggravated murder in the killing a
More detalis about the Rikers Island jail guard who is suspected of
A Rikers Island corrections officer is being investigated for possibly helping an
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