Russ daughters

"There's been this euphoria to our return, and I think it's because for New Yorkers, Russ and Daughters is sort of a symbol of the spirit and resilience of our city and people."
Smoked fish platters and bagels move uptown!
The cafe will operate out of the Jewish Museum on 5th Avenue at 92nd Street.
Tickets go on sale Friday at noon and they go FAST.
The new catch Holland herring are back! Let's pull a Louie and eat some fishies.
The loxsmiths confirmed today that they're opening a restaurant 'in the next few months,' and, hey, they're hiring!
The film, Sturgeon Queens, debuts as the legendary shop celebrates its 100th birthday.
Whether you need an appropriate gift for the in-laws or want to nudge your significant other into doing more cooking, the gift of food never lands you on the naughty list.
The annual herring hurrah officially begins June 5th.
"Our name is on the door, so part of our DNA is to worry about every piece of fish and every customer and every counterman, so we’re a little nuts when it comes to that stuff."
Do you enjoy slurping down small, fishy European things possibly served with a touch of cream sauce? This is so your month.
For those people who aren't happy unless their brunch is made with the most expensive ingredients, New York's best appetizing store has just the thing.
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