Rush hour

It's 5:30 p.m. on Monday, do you know where your train home is?
Commuters planning on getting to Manhattan this morning by way of Queens are advised to transfer to the Long Island Railroad, or just turn back now and go back to bed.
An unidentified person was struck and killed by an L train in Manhattan this evening.
The 7 train is still working out the kinks in its new high-tech signal system. Please be patient.
Soon enough, you'll look back on these moments fondly, realizing you never knew how good you had it...
Good times, good times.
Is the L train F'd? Why yes, the L train is F'd.
It's the little things.
An MTA spokesperson said, "[We're] trying to bring it back as soon as we can."
Expect delays, obviously.
"We understand that this conductor inconvenienced hundreds of customers with his mistake..."
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