Don't fly in or out of JFK for a while.
Maybe bring a good book on your next flight out of JFK.
JFK temporarily shut down this morning after a plane skidded off the runaway due to ice, snow and freezing rain. [Update Below]
The turtles that have been using JFK's runways as a mating spot are now being removed to a safe habitat.
Dogs in sequins! Dogs in feathers! Dogs in... fur.
Luckily, there were no injuries.
Get on your best garbage garb, it's a Derelicte Fashion Show!
Almost exactly a year ago, a large group of pregnant turtles caused massive delays at JFK airport as they crossed a runway very...very...slowly. And according to reports, it's happened again this morning!
According to the Post, 99 rabbits and hares were shotgunned at JFK last year by "Elmer Fudd firing squads" comprised of Port Authority and USDA workers.
And now: dogs in New York City themed outfits!
Air traffic audio has emerged regarding the nearly 200 turtles that overtook the runways at JFK yesterday.
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