There will be staggered starts and social distancing.
The non-profit held a pilot event over the weekend.
One expert recommends, “Joggers should be proactive and keep really large distances — 25 feet or more — from anyone they cross paths with.”
The bovine has been apprehended after its brief highway sprint.
Looks like he was late to work? Or running for his life from a slaughterhouse. Hump Day, amirite?
Ghebreslassie is the youngest champion in NYC Marathon history.
The 1970 race took place entirely in Central Park and only 55 of 126 runners managed to finish.
Here's where to avoid tomorrow.
They're suing over the $11 processing fee.
Be prepared for the flood of joggers that will take over the streets on Sunday.
If so, we've got the perfect event for you!
An estimated 50,000 runners registered for the race.
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