Rudy giuliani

“Someone needs to remind former Mayor Giuliani that falsely reporting a crime is a crime,” Adams told reporters
"We find that there is evidence of continuing misconduct, the underlying offense is incredibly serious, and the uncontroverted misconduct in itself will likely result in substantial permanent sanctions at the conclusion of these disciplinary proceedings."
Giuliani joins other Republicans who hope to defeat Andrew Cuomo.
The search warrants are an escalation of the criminal investigation into Giuliani's dealings with Ukraine.
Dinkins’s policies laid the groundwork for future actions credited to other mayors, including those that led to community policing.
At the end of the scene in question, Cohen bursts into the room in another disguise yelling, “She’s 15! She’s too old for you!”
'Hopefully these ads will convince Rudolph  to quit his self destructive behavior.'
Giuliani told a caller on his radio show, 'There is something really, really, very sad about you.'
People, is this any way to treat the Mayor Of 9/11 Town?!
Treacly moralizing spills out of gremlin's mouth.
What a day for the Yankees superfan.
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