But while one store owner warns of a repeat of the 2011 eviction saga, the neighboring small businesses say things are different this time around.
Here are our favorite spots to down fierce rail shots, hobnob with colorful, increasingly drunk clientele and perhaps even pick up hepatitis.
On a weekend that in previous years would have drawn thousands of rock fans to Coney Island for the Siren Festival [RIP], the Times glances at the changes coming at the end of this summer.
After forcing out eight longstanding local establishments on the Boardwalk, the international amusement giant Zamperla has enlisted the services of Michele Merlo, a food and beverage guy who comes to us from Miami's Pelican Hotel.
Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz flip the switch
Inside Ruby's on New Year's Day 2011 (Lornagrl's Flickr) After a
Ruby's Bar and Grill and seven other Coney Island businesses are
Ethan Kavet If you were thinking this morning about how great
Courtesy Ruby's Bar and Grill Ha, remember how last spring that
According to an email and this post on the Coney Island
It looks like would-be Coney Island developer Joe Sitt has gone all
Our favorite Coney Island Boardwalk joint, Ruby's Bar & Grill, might not
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