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This is a bewildering moment in time for the reverend, who has accustomed himself to a more typical pattern: he says something inflammatory, politicians grumble and move on.

there are signs that Monserrate is eyeing a more significant role in local politics

The cop daughter of State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. has been arrested for allegedly keying her boyfriend's car after he reportedly told her he wanted out of their relationship.

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., NYC extremely anti-gay marriage Democrat, tells us he's glad that a LGBT is moving into a building he helped build.

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is supposedly extremely upset that a fabulous new tenant is moving into a building funded by and named after him.

Yesterday was Gay Day for hundreds of New Yorkers who were finally able to tie the knot legally. But it wasn't all adorable photo ops! There were protests, too. And now a lawsuit.

Erica Diaz, the lesbian granddaughter of anti-marriage-equality State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr., has come out against her granddad again today after an ill-advised photo-op at his rally last month.

To mock Ruben Diaz Sr., who has made no secret of his hatred for the idea of gay marriage, a Gay newspaper has started a gay erotic fan fiction contest. Diaz is...not into it.

Erica Diaz, the gay granddaughter of anti-gay marriage State Sen. Ruben Diaz, did PR work for both sides yesterday, even if that wasn't her intention.