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A man was stabbed by his roommate on the Upper West Side last night.

"He had a horrible owner, but he's a wonderful dog," one source said about the dog who may have been used by his owner as a weapon to kill his roommate.

Yesterday morning, U.S. Marshals were at 344 East 62nd Street to deliver eviction papers. Instead, they found a dead body and a bloodstained dog.

A Craigslist ad said a Bronx Zoo zoologist was looking for a roomie, but the roommate would have to tend to her alligator while she's at work!

One of the zaniest police blotter items of the summer comes to us courtesy the NY Post, which reports on a roommate fracas fueled by "festering feline feces."

Bedbugs are everywhere and easily obtained in this town, so why

A 70-year-old man and his 35-year-old, uh, roommate have been arrested

We always thought that Visine poisoning was an urban legend, but a