Rooftop bars

The bar at the top of Brooklyn Bridge Park's new hotel is now open for business.
The low skyline in the neighborhood affords for excellent views in almost all directions.
The bar's got some pizzazz, we'll give it that.
Vertigo sufferers can avoid that section altogether, though a representative for the bar explained that the "glass was thicker than the concrete."
This is THE list.
The William Vale hotel's firing on all cylinders as more elements of the drinking and dining options open.
With a roaming spritz cocktail cart, an oyster bar in a boat and tabletop corn hole in a cabana.
Like sweaty subway rides and Thong Guy sightings, rooftop bars are a staple of summer in this town, but there are still some winter spots out there.
Plus the requisite views...and the requisite prices.
Just because the warm air has forsake us doesn't mean we can't drink atop buildings.
The Empire Stores in Brooklyn Bridge Park are getting some exciting new food and beverage tenants.
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