Ron paul

Paul said if he was in charge "3000 people killed on 9/11 still be alive!"
Paul says that he can no longer campaign in the states that have yet to hold Republican primaries, because it would "take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have."
FWIW, Carl Paladino supports Newt Gingrich.
We've compiled a shortlist of tunes that are the least likely to earn a cease-and-desist order.
Ex-associates of Ron Paul say he was smart to play upon racist fears.
Although it doesn't seem like Paul has a chance in hell of getting elected, the Ron Paul Nation can whet its White House appetite for only $102.45 with the "Commander-In-Chief" Ron Paul Talking Action Figure!
The senator somehow set off the image scan.
The most qualified, moderate Republican candidate for president withdrew from the race today.
"If a client comes into the Bunny Ranch and says 'I'm pimpin for Paul,' they're gonna have a really good time."
To satisfy America's bloodlust for pallid men in funeral attire yelling at each other, the GOP presidential candidates faced off in two debates, twelve hours apart, ahead of Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.
After Kelly Clarkson revealed she was a Ron Paul supporter, the Ron Paul Nation rallied behind her, and claimed to have boosted her album sales "by 600 percent." In reality, her sales dropped 40 percent.
All the tiny, meaningless, crinkled-up pieces of paper have been counted, and Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucuses.
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