Ron kuby

A lawyer for the renters says she bashed one of them in the head with a bottle as her boyfriend yelled racial slurs.
The massive bust of Edward Snowden that was put on display in Fort Greene Park last month has finally been returned to its creators by the NYPD.
Carpenter and Jiminez-Artunduaga had entered the Citibank with dozens of others who intended on closing their accounts, and left after doing so before being pulled back into the bank and arrested with 22 others.
An Occupy Wall Street protester who was sucker-punched by an NYPD officer during a chaotic march in October 2011 has filed a lawsuit against the department and the city.
"The outright lies of Deputy Commissioner Browne have been conclusively refuted….Someone needs to send a message that the conduct engaged in by Bologna and Cardona is criminal."
Prosecutors met with Kuby and Rivera-Pitre for two hours, reviewing video, and authorities told them that their investigation would continue, and that no arrests would be made until it concluded.
The protester will not be charged when he meets with the Manhattan DA's office about being punched by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona.
NYPD spokesman Paul Browne claimed that Rivera-Pitre instigated the confrontation by attempting to elbow Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona in the face.
A wealthy woman accused of killing her son was denied bail, even though her lawyers argued that Dominique Strauss-Kahn got bail.
Not long after a man stabbed two men to death on
The New York man arrested in the Queens terror plot, Ahmad Wais
Photo by xbettyx on flickr After a recent end-to-end walk through
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