The restaurant specializes in "pinsa," a variation of pizza that's a common snack on the streets of the Italian capital.
Anyone who has made a quick caffeine pitstop in the Eternal City knows that to sip espresso in Rome typically means leaning against a small counter.
Gandolfini allegedly had eight drinks, two orders of fried prawns and foie gras.
It's always exciting to come across vintage archival footage of the band performing in their prime—watch an entire Talking Heads concert recorded at Palaeur Arena in Rome in 1980.
Dolan told the Daily News the hat is "snug but comfortable."
"New York seems to have an innate interest and respect for religion."
"I was struck by what appeared to me as the decline in Benedict's strength and health over the last half year."
Everyone just start wearing sneakers, because personally, we want to keep the cobblestone.
One last bunga-bunga, for old time's sake.
Thousands took to the streets in various European cities from Berlin to Madrid, Julian Assange galvanized the crowds in London, and there have been widespread reports of rioting in Rome as OWS went international today.
Woody Allen casts himself in next film, talks about the fantastic water pressure in his New York City home.
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