Roller rink

Running from June 16th until October 1st at Wollman Rink, The DiscOasis will bring a mix of open skate sessions and theatrical performances amidst a glitzy, neon-tinged botanical backdrop.
Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, the revival of a beloved West Hollywood-based roller rink from the late '70s and early '80s, will open in April.
Go rollerskate on top of the East River this weekend.
Brooklyn Bridge Park's latest pier opens this week.
We check out the grand opening of the new outdoor roller rink under the High Line, which has already claimed its first victim.
An outdoor roller rink is setting up shop underneath the High Line next week!
This morning Coney Island's roller queen Lola Staar (real name Dianna
After sitting in jail for five years awaiting his trial, a
Authorities are investigating a brawl that led to a fatal shooting at
After lots of partying and posturing, Lola Staar has achieved her goal
The hearing held to Save Coney Island on June 24th was well
On March 22nd Lola Staar opened up her Dreamland Roller Rink inside
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