Roger toussaint

The relatively smooth contract negotiations between the MTA and the TWU Local 100 may be about to get bumpy. The man who brought us the 2005 transit strike is trying to instigate another one.
Is the infamous former union leader looking for a demotion for political or personal reasons?
With his back against the wall as his union's resources having been
JV and Elvis, the on-air duo who inhabit "The Doghouse" on 92.3
The NYC Transit Authority, a division of the MTA, resumed all subway
A subway transit worker was killed and another was seriously injured
The next mayoral election may be more than two years off, but
Where do the MTA's executive director and the TWU's president lunch? The
Governor Spitzer has nominated Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Theodore T. Jones to
If it's December, it must be time for Transit Workers Union
Yesterday, thousands of people walked down Fifth Avenue in to protest
What a way to (almost) end 2006 - with an arbitrator
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