Roger ebert

"'Mark Twain' wasn't just his pen name—it was his rap name"
A short film shot in Astoria, Queens during the blizzard is getting
The Gotham Awards gala run by the Independent Feature Project (IFP) will
Thanksgiving officially marks the start of the holiday movie season, and
If recent viewings of Grizzly Man and Rescue Dawn have you intrigued
The Simpsons Movie (directed by David Silverman) This weekend marks the move
When New York Magazine calls your film a "glossy gay remake"
The reviews are out, and Chris Rock is getting a mixed bag
So, there's a third act surprise in Million Dollar Baby that critics
Sure, there are lots of big movies opening tomorrow - The Aviator
One of Gothamist's favorite movies, Hope and Glory, is playing at BAM
You can't fool us Gothamist Weather - bad news is just bad
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