A new visual to fuel our rat nightmares.
Have you ever stopped to consider how our city's thriving rat population disperses themselves through New York's myriad neighborhoods?
"Our families and communities cannot wait," the Public Advocate said.
There's no question as to where our rat overlords prefer to spend their time: the Upper West Side.
"You can really never get rid of them and almost certainly they will outlast humans in a lot of ways on the deeper evolutionary time scale."
This winter has been so cold and cruel that your rodent roommates MUST have started building miniature IKEA couches behind your refrigerator. Right? Nope!
Are rats on the decline or have New Yorkers simply accepted that there's a RAT CRAWLING UP YOUR PANT LEG RIGHT NOW AND THAT'S LIFE?
David Lynch took a cinematic stab at the city's rodent problem back in 1991.
In honor of the MTA's proposal to ban food on the subway, we bring you videos of rats hanging out in subway stations, chilling out and taking their bagels for a stroll.
The child suffered no bites, and her family believes the mouse was dead when she placed it in her mouth.
A Montauk chiropractor was killed by an extremely rare rodent-borne virus last week.
Original photo via djwerdna's flickr Last we heard, the Ratdemic had
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