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The virus was detected in wastewater samples taken from different parts of Orange County.

The New York State Department of Health says Rockland County will be hosting local vaccine clinics for at-risk groups.

The 2014 state monitor report found that of the 9,000 kids who attend public schools, 91% identify as Black or Latino, while 99% of the 24,000 private school students are white and go to yeshivas.

The village of Airmont used “Kafkaesque” rules, unfounded fines, and arbitrary bureaucratic delays to inconvenience Orthodox Jewish applicants seeking to practice their religion, the lawsuit said.

The county leads a list of 10 ZIP codes that now have the highest positivity rates in New York state.

The attack ad claims that a Hasidic legislator and his Ramapo bloc of supporters are coming for "our homes, our families, our schools, our communities, our way of life."

"The right to religious expression does not encompass the right to place others in danger," an attorney for New York state argued.

Rabbi Hillel Handler, who has likened vaccination to “child sacrifice,” told the crowd that if you catch “measles, mumps and chickenpox, your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and strokes goes down 60 percent.”

The woman was exposed to the virus via an infected passenger on her flight, and is now on a respirator in an intensive care unit.

Though the judge was asked to rule specifically on the county’s emergency order — a separate lawsuit regarding the school regulations is under review by federal courts — his ruling went much further.