Rockettes' boss James Dolan addressed some of the dancers' calls for a boycott following the announcement last month that they would perform at the inauguration.
She says she and her fellow dancers are still terrified that there will be more fallout.
They've essentially been told they'll lose their jobs if they don't smile and dance for President Pussy Grabber.
Chill out with the Rockettes, who are bringing Christmas in August to Midtown this morning.
Maybe James Franco time traveler was already a Rockette? For some
AP Photos The Rockettes are still kickin' after all these years.
As we enter a new year, let's take a look back at
Smaller-sized disposable cans of carbonated corn syrup water will arrive in
Photo illustration of Rockettes on Nostalgia Train The Radio City Rockettes
Déjà vu! Yesterday the Radio City Rockettes had some help in
The Rockettes were out practicing their kicks yesterday, and other such fancy
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