Rockefeller center christmas tree

All I want for Christmas is to see the big tree use all the electricity.
Our second pandemic holiday season is now officially underway.
This 79-foot-tall suburban tree will be arriving in the Big City for its first (and last) time on November 13th.
Despite the pandemic, the Rockefeller Center area has seen big holiday crowds so far this year.
The lighting was closed to the public, but people showed up anyway.
Visitors will be limited to five-minute viewing slots.
After her journey to Manhattan with this year's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the owl is finally released.
Owls hang out in trees, and sometimes trees are chopped down and dragged into Midtown.
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit on December 2nd.
While some call it straight up arboricide, others calls the tree a symbol of hope during a difficult year.
What time does the tree start, and other SEO-friendly questions answered herein!
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