Robyn hightman

Close to one thousand New Yorkers staged a "die-in" at Washington Square Park on Tuesday to demand safer city streets, as the protests over recent cyclist and pedestrian fatalities continued for the third straight week.
Several hundred people participated in the memorial ride, which took over full blocks of Delancey Street and Sixth Avenue early in the evening.
'It's something we want to take a look at, how we're responding to it. What sort of enforcement we're going to do.'
'As far as the [cyclist] who passed away unfortunately, yesterday, I believe she was riding off the bike lane, you know,' Officer Negron said. 'Maybe if she had been on the bike lane, maybe she'd still be alive.'
'My bicycle saved my life,' Robyn Hightman, 20, previously wrote, explaining how biking 'offered a way to seek respite from the horrors of my surroundings and human experience, if only for a few glorious minutes.'
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