What is the robot really after?!?
A new study says that a large chunk of Americans expect robot sex will be commonplace in the next 50 years.
Also: no cash will be accepted at this location.
iPads for ordering, no human contact, robot uprising, power bowls.
The successful West Coast business employs iPads and auto-mat style vending to sell trendy power bowls based in quinoa.
All of the NY Times' positive coverage of 'Star Wars' is a clear attempt at smoothing over a dark and twisted history of misreporting on the film stretching all the way back to 1976.
It all takes place inside a 19th-century Norwegian Seaman's Church on Pioneer Street which doubles as a robot-sculpture collective workshop.
We welcome our new bovine robot overlords.
Here's video and photos of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mr. Mirman, Jason Sudeikis, and others talkin' science at The Bell House over the weekend.
Robots do everything these days.
A Russian tech tycoon and robotics enthusiast is investing $25 million into a NY-based firm that will focus solely on developing robot technology. But will it include sex robots?
Mitt Romney is a cyborg created by a race of lightly salted water crackers from the planet Carrdon, sent here to study and infiltrate the human race. Consider the evidence.
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