Robert mueller

The meet-up will start at 5:30 p.m. in Times Square near the George M. Cohan statue at 46th Street between 7th Ave and Broadway.
"I always believed in Donald J. Trump," one Trump Supporter said. "Let’s move forward."
Interrogation topics included the Cohen story, the Mueller investigation, collusion, and talkshow host Joy Behar.
Did America's current president cooperate with a foreign government's attack on the election that put him in office? Seth Abramson says the proof is out there. (And in his new book.)
Bradshaw said she immigrated to Brooklyn from Jamaica fifty years ago, and the current crisis in America is "the worst I've ever seen it. And I went through the whole Nixon thing. This is worse."
'Donald Trump acted while we were still embroiled in midterm elections because he wanted to catch us off guard. But we’re always ready to rise up and defend the rule of law.'
The activist, comedian, former radio host at WBAI is of interest because Roger Stone has accused him of being his back channel to Wikileaks.
Leave the NYPD ALONE!
With the convention winding down, the coverage is turning to Washington
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