Robert moses

The cultural landmark stands on the ruins of what was a once thriving, culturally-rich Black and Latino community.
“The sins of past development can and must be undone," Senator Chuck Schumer said.
"We want people to know the true history of Robert Moses, which cannot be done justly by commemorating him and his actions."
Robert Moses State Park? 'Maybe there’s a better name for this park.'
Before Trump-as-Caesar, another right-wing assault on Shakespeare in the Park almost killed the festival before it could become the institution that it is today.
Author Jerald Podair on why Walter O'Malley is unfairly blamed for the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, and why Robert Moses managed to escape that blame.
He is also calling for new ramps connecting the road to the Hunts Point Market, to reduce truck congestion.
Depending on whom you ask, Jane Jacobs is either a patron saint of the city or a relic of a time before the city's housing crunch.
"The Community Plan demonstrated how to redevelop WITHOUT gentrification."
A new interview with Jacobs' son has confirmed the authenticity of the protest lyric document.
That bench you're sitting on? Robert Moses may have made it.
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