Robert jackson

Senator Alcantara is running a tight primary race against Robert Jackson, who lost to her in 2016 by less than 600 votes.
"I thought it was a joke...The cop said, 'Dude, you ran into me.'"
Councilmember Robert Jackson said, "I have nothing to hide. My work in the Dominican Republic speaks for itself."
Gale Brewer, Robert Jackson, Jessica Lappin, Julie Menin. Who should be the next President of the Borough of Manhattan?
Selling soda "isn't quite as good as selling drugs, but it's close," declared one firm supporter of Bloomberg's proposal to ban big soda.
Ray Kelly doesn't want to talk about his press secretary's repeated obfuscations, so don't even ask.
City Council education chairman Robert Jackson was enraged over news that
The Sun reports Mayor Bloomberg doesn't think Muslim holy days should become
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