Robert durst

Durst has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a friend in California.
Durst's incriminating final words in the film were apparently cut out of order.
Durst was arrested in New Orleans in 2015 after a search of his hotel room turned up a .38-caliber revolver, which was illegal for him to possess because he is a convicted felon.
The 'confessed' killer had a medical mishap last year, his lawyer claimed.
The lawyer said it was all edited, anyway.
The 60 boxes of files were used in the making of The Jinx.
Kathleen Durst disappeared 33 years ago.
How was Durst's arrest on Saturday so perfectly timed with the series finale the following day?
'There it is. You’re caught. What a disaster.'
The last episode of "The Jinx" airs tonight.
The strange life of Robert Durst, who may or may not have gotten away with murder a few times.
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