Police said they're looking into at least 20 cases of riders redirecting a driver’s earnings into another account.
A series of armed robberies at local cafes and businesses around Ditmas Park in recent weeks have left locals decidedly unnerved.
The NYPD is on the hunt for two men suspected of robbing the Bowery Whole Foods to the tune of $60,000.
“They wanted to get inside the apartment...and they had my daughter’s head down on the ground and he didn’t like it. So he started fighting with them, and they shot him.”
On Wednesday, a Brooklyn high school football star was shot in the back while trying to save his friend from being held up by robbers.
According to police, three thieves cornered and beat up a 14-year-old Bronx boy while he was waiting for an elevator in his building earlier this week. You can see video of the confrontation below.
Yesterday, an 80-year-old woman was shoved to the ground in Chelsea by a mugger. Now there are two more reports of 80-something-year-olds being mugged and punched—and all three incidents happened this past Wednesday!
Though the thieves didn't pull off stealing the store's ATM machine as they had hoped, they did leave a mark—by leaving the clerk in the freezer.
A group of masked ATM burglars accused of perpetrating 62 robberies in Brooklyn and Queens have been caught—and they admitted to cops that they were inspired by the Ben Affleck film, The Town.
Police are on the hunt for a cross-dressing duo who have allegedly robbed several clothing stores in Manhattan recently. Check out surveillance footage below.
There will always be burglaries, and recently there have been a
On Christmas, three masked marauders absconded with $897,000 worth of jewels
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