At least seven taxi drivers have been robbed this summer by a man whose M.O. is pretty simple.
Uh, maybe don't keep your phone out at all times.
The robberies took place in the Bronx.
The video also shows an accomplice.
A series of armed robberies at local cafes and businesses around Ditmas Park in recent weeks have left locals decidedly unnerved.
Three robberies occurred within an hour late Wednesday, early Thursday.
What kind of an animal steals a pig?
What else are they gonna do for fun on the weekend in New Jersey?
Tourists looking for the thrill of old NYC won't find much resembling that today—which may explain why three tourists decided to make up crimes and report them to cops.
Three victims have been punched and kicked during the robberies.
Victims have been left with injuries like a broken jaw and punctured lung.
Antique doorknobs will do nothing to keep criminals out of your multimillion dollar home.
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