Road safety

The measure would override the citywide 25 mile-per-hour speed limit, but just near the house of the state senator who proposed it.
"How do we turn a crisis for Brooklyn into a positive?"
The city will have 75 miles of new bike lanes overall by the end of 2016.
It's like the HOV lane, but more dangerous.
The tiny town includes working stop lights, crosswalks, and bike lanes, as well as a Town Hall and a fire station.
The DOT will start implementing the lanes this summer.
Plus, what it takes for a former deputy mayor to hit you with an umbrella.
Get ready for more traffic calming, and much less stressful bike rides.
He hit three other pedestrians in the six months before the fatal crash.
"Every avenue cannot have a bike lane. They have to let people live."
It's a great name until someone gets hurt.
Participating cars are also rigged up with cameras, alarms, and analytics.
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