Last week, as he went to grab his mask to accept a delivery, he spotted a big cockroach snuggling right where his mouth and nose would have gone.
"For roaches, this is not new. They've been doing this for thousands of years: 'It's hot, let's fly.' For people ... it's like Roaches Gone Wild."
An investigation found mice droppings, roaches, and fruit flies present in numerous cafeterias.
Ralph McKee Vocational High School in Staten Island scored a whopping 48 points, making it the dirtiest school cafeteria in the city.
The lauded Chinatown eatery was closed by the agency for 65 violation points.
Great news for bored New Yorkers looking to spice up their cockroach life: a new species of roach has been discovered in Manhattan, and this one isn't fazed by cold weather.
Looks like desperate commuters weren't the only creatures filling up on Crunchwrap Supremes before boarding Amtrak.
A Native New Yorker is here to answer your questions.
A bus bound for NYC from Atlantic City had to be evacuated today because of the sheer volume of roaches crawling all over the freaking place.
Just a cautionary tale for anyone considering entering a cockroach or worm-eating contest: A Florida man died shortly after winning just such a contest outside a reptile store.
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