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"The seal's left flipper appeared to be injured as it was immobile."
'Those circles around its eyes are hydration circles, meaning it's very hydrated, and they get their water from their food source, which is fish.'
Over by the Costco.
The whale had 'extensive bruising.'
A necropsy performed on a 45-foot-long sei whale found dead in New York Harbor on Monday showed that the creature suffered blunt-force trauma.
You can see a video of the subsequent rescue—which included Riverhead Foundation members loading the dolphin onto a stretcher for transport—below.
LOOSE SEAL! A three-day old pup was rescued near a Long Island beach club, and it's adorable.
Researchers say they would love to find out why there are so many dead dolphins popping up on New York shores, but unfortunately, they just don't have the funds.
A dolphin was spotted in distress on the other side of the East River, near Astoria, Queens today, but Riverhead isn't worried.
Despite it being a highly unusual place for a dolphin to end up, the Riverhead Foundation maintain that the dolphin doesn't appear to be injured, though there is still some cause for concern.
Sad news: a dead dolphin was discovered in the Hudson this morning.
The dolphin spotted in the Hudson this week could be in danger :(
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