Police said that surveillance video linked the 29-year-old to a string of property destruction that had set Riverdale's close-knit Jewish community on the edge in recent weeks.
Police are investigating six different vandalism incidents targeting Jewish institutions in the Bronx.
Earlier this week, police released surveillance video of the trio they believe were responsible for the defacement.
And it just sold for $6.25 million.
The city's pilot program is expanding to North Williamsburg, Greenpoint and the Riverdale, North Riverdale and Fieldston neighborhoods in the Bronx.
Just as a great white shark once stalked Martin Brody's Amity Island beach, so too has a fanged creature put its mark on Steven Spielberg's sister.
Eleven people were injured, two critically.
A parent at the school reportedly complained to the administration about the parent, who was apparently caught 'looking at their daughter at a birthday party.'
The apology came on the heels of alumni recommendations that the school acknowledge the allegations and investigation, remove the board's emeritus trustee position and review its policies for reporting abuse.
A gruesome scene unfolded in the Bronx this morning when an elderly woman reportedly committed suicide by jumping in front of a 1 train as it pulled into the elevated station at 231st Street.
Tutoring can cost parents of overachieving students up to $795 per 50 minutes, and as much as $35K for the entire year.
A family in Riverdale is engaged in a war with their
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