Stores in New York and New Jersey erroneously charged customers for sales tax on tax exempt items.
The company has issued an overcharging mea culpa.
A Department of Consumer affairs investigation revealed the "worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers" at the city's fleet of pricey grocery stores.
Now suspect Gregory Reddick and his employer, SJQ Sightseeing Tours, are suing the city and the arresting officers saying they have been harassed.
Take the money and run.
"It's wild wild west down there," said Parks Advocate Geoffrey Croft. "They city needs to rein in these types of operations."
A con man was busted after he allegedly charged a pair of tourists $200 each for tickets on the Staten Island Ferry, which as far as we can recall, is free.
It gets worse. So much worse.
This is some top notch police work.
Only charged $3? Congratulations: you're a real New Yorker!
Architect Luke Clark Tyler lives in a 78-square-foot apartment in Hell's Kitchen, after spending two years in a 96-square-foot apartment.
One of the acclaimed dating gurus The 2010 Pickup and Dating
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